Green drinks at the airport

me drinking my green drink at the airportAt the airport in Atlanta just arriving from California.  As I waited for my ride, I was really pleased to see a juice bar.  Isn’t that awesome?  Now, if all the airports would get on board with the juice bar that would be exciting.

Traveling raw is doable, it just takes planning.  I don’t always carry my food with me, as I already have a pocketbook full of stuff to entertain myself.  Having that extra bag is too much for me.  I do patronize the restaurants at airports.  I just get creative in choosing what to eat.  And yes, my eating does include cooked vegetables.

I adapt and improvise and don’t stress about it.  I eat raw because I like it, it’s fun and I like how I feel when I eat my food raw.

-August 2015


The joy of raw food

One fine day during the Christmas holiday I was shopping at the grocery store in the produce department.  Of course, it was buzzing with holiday shoppers.  As I filled my basket with fruits and vegetables a  woman stopped me to ask about the collard greens I just picked up.  She wanted to know what I was going to do with them.  I thought it was very interesting considering that many people add cooked collard greens to their holiday menu (at least where I come from…).  I shared with her that I was going to prepare them raw as a Spicy Collard Green Salad.  She was intrigued and we joyfully proceeded to talk about the benefits of eating more raw veggies into one’s lifestyle.  It was awesome!  Of course, I was so enjoying this conversation as she continued to inquire about raw vegan eating.  I was in my element.

I love these moments when I attract the right and perfect people to share my love for raw vegan cuisine.

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If you are looking to add more raw fruits and vegetables into your lifestyle then this is the place for you.  Ask yourself; ‘how do I want to feel’?

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Host a class! 

If you have at least 3 or more friends and family who have a desire for healthier eating get them together now, then call me to get this party started.


4 week photo

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a fitness class to a group of 60 and over at an Independent Living community.  What an amazing experience!  All I can say is kudos to all of my participants.  Both men and women showed up in full force ready to go.

So, as the manager (of the community) and I were planning their first ever fitness class we were both excited yet we were a tad skeptical about the number of people that would show up.  We expected oh, maybe a couple of people to come.  WOW!  The class was packed.  Over 15 people came to class.  People were still attempting to join the class even after we were well into 20 minutes of exercise.  Everyone completed the entire 35 minute class.  Pretty awesome for people who hadn’t worked out ever…

We took a few water and stretch breaks to ensure everyone stayed hydrated, and flexible.  They responded well to the exercises.  They were fun too.  They kept me laughing.    This was  a trial run to see what the response would be and my gosh we were happy of the outcome.  And I felt so much appreciation.  I am honored that they trusted me to guide them.  I am honored that they welcomed me into their family.

Upon completing the class, they felt good.  They wanted more…on another day (Lol).  They requested of the manager that I come back and teach regular classes.  This I am honored to do.


What did you have for breakfast this mornin? Yum!

Normally I have a green drink in the morning for my alkaline boost.  I got up this morning with antioxidants on my mind instead.  What better way to get a boost of antioxidants all in one?  Of course the amazing smoothie!

I get pretty creative with my smoothies.  Anything goes as long as it tastes good.

Organic Spices & ingredients: 

Turmeric = Vitamin B6, riboflavin, iron, calcium, potassium, copper, etc. Anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties

Ginger = Vitamin B6, vitamin B5, potassium, manganese, magnesium, etc.  Anti-inflammatory properties, effective remedy for nausea, migraine relief, menstrual cramp relief and other medicinal  benefits

Nutmeg = Anti-oxidant properties.  Copper, potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin A, etc. Used for medicinal purposes such as colds, taken in large amounts can get you high…use sparingly.  (ever wonder why nutmeg is used so much during the holidays?  Hmmmmm, everyone wants to feel good during the holidays)

Cinnamon = Manganese, fiber, iron and calcium, medicinal properties as well.

Whole flax seeds (brown)

I added a dab of honey.  Choose (or not) your preferred sweetener.

I love drinking the cultured coconut strawberry probiotic milk.  I prefer a more fun way to get in my probiotics.  Supplements just don’t do it for me.

I added two fruits:  Organic 1 banana, 1/2 cup cranberries.

Organic Sweet potato (keep the skin on) = Vitamin C, high in calcium, folate, potassium and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant which converts to Vitamin A in the body.

The end product of my creation tasted really, really, really delicious!

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Simple, quick, holiday dishes. What will you bring to your next holiday dinner or party? Are you ready to keep it healthy?

Many people are making the shift from cooked, and processed foods to raw vegan alternatives of the foods they love to eat.  There is so much variety in raw vegan cuisine.  No, not to worry, the days of the boring salad are over.   Come to the class, eat, play and fall in love with raw vegan cuisine!

Well, my clients have been requesting dishes that they can bring to the upcoming holiday dinners and parties.    We’ve been preparing fun dishes such as: chunky spiced apple sauce, berry-banana nice cream, creamy cucumber soup and more.  I love the variety of recipes we can make with raw fruits and vegetables!  If you’re looking for a different, and delicious dish to take to your next holiday dinner or party come to our raw food class.   Just in time for the holiday.   Bring your appetite!

Menu of classes: Only 12 slots available.  Get yourself in now.

December 14th; 4pm – 8pm, December 15th 12p – 3p (combo-register for both classes)

December 19th, 20th; 11am – 2pm (combo-register for both classes)

You will learn and be eating 6-7 recipes each day.  This is an interactive learning class, be prepared to learn, play and have fun!

We will be making delicious desserts, appetizers, drinks, snacks, lunchables & dinner dishes.

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Location: Stone Mountain (easy access from I-285 or I-20)

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Cost: $125 per person, per class

What to bring:  You and your appetite.

****All items will be organic unless not available.

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Why Raw? 14 benefits!

This is a question that is personal to each individual.  I’ve never believed that there was only one rule for every body.  To me it just makes sense: live food for my live body.  I can feel the better digestion when I’m eating raw.  No, it’s not the easiest eating transition to make however, with anything else in life you have to make a decision that feels good to you then follow through.  Once you get through that uncomfortable threshold that all new transitions experience then the fun & excitement returns.

Mostly everywhere you go there is more cooked food than not whether in a restaurant or a home cooked meal.  Raw Vegan cuisine will be what you make it.  You can have fun with it or complain that it’s too hard.  You can experience the physical benefits of it or you can struggle your way into it.

If you’ve come to this page then there’s something about raw vegan cuisine that sparks your interest.  Follow through.  Then make the decision for yourself whether to continue on this path or not.

The benefits that I’ve experienced perhaps you will experience as well: Take a look.

  • My energy shot through the roof when I became raw.
  • I sleep soundly.
  • I wake up ready to begin my day.
  • My creativity increased in other areas of my life out of creating recipes in it’s raw form.
  • No gas, bloating or lethargy after I eat a meal.
  • Weight loss is an easy bonus.
  • Feeling alert after I eat a meal.
  • Healthy numbers from my blood work after receiving a complete physical.
  • Overall I just feel better.

My clients have experienced:

  • Much of the above
  • Lower BP from having experiences with high BP
  • Clarity in their thinking.
  • Feeling lighter and energetic
  • Restored healthy blood work numbers
  • Feeling confident

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Got cheese? This spicy spreadable cheese is finger licking good.

Spicy Pumpkin Seed Cheese.  Use it as a spread or as a dip with your favorite veggies or crackers.

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